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The only way many of us have to enjoy the performances of our favourite musicians and singers, and the world's most accomplished artists, is through their recordings.

Since Thomas Alva Edison patented the first Phonograph in 1877, science, industry and a few dedicated record companies have constantly endeavoured to improve the quality of the recorded sound enjoyed by the public.

Recordings and equipment that accurately capture and reproduce all the elements of a performance convey the full intent of the artist.   Technology that reproduces every subtle nuance of the music, without any audible intrusion, best communicates the passion and inspiration of the recorded performance.

The labels Rockian Trading represent in Australia are leaders in the efforts to bring recordings of absolute fidelity to the public.

Welcome to the Rockian Trading CD Catalogue.   It is designed to provide you with news about us and the exceptional labels we represent.   Because labels constantly release new titles and occasionally delete older titles, this catalogue will always be a work in progress.   Each issue will include a listing of the most recent new releases.