These Grainger gems are performed to perfection by America's only full-time professional wind band
RR-117CD Cover
Music For Band By Percy Grainger

Dallas Wind Symphony
Conducted by Jerry Junkin

RR-117 CD

Reference Recordings is proud to release LINCOLNSHIRE POSY: Music For Band By Percy Grainger performed by the Dallas Wind Symphony conducted by Jerry Junkin.

This album showcases the wind band music of Percy Grainger, including favorites LINCOLNSHIRE POSY and DANNY BOY ("Irish Tune from County Derry").   Australia considers Grainger its greatest composer; the United States of America, where he lived most of his life, praises him as a music educator, composer and arranger of band music; and England considers him supremely important in the preservation and arrangement of British folk songs.

These Grainger gems are performed to perfection by America's only full-time professional wind band, conducted by Jerry Junkin.   Grainger specified many unusual, optional, instruments, and this recording has them all.   Hear these “original instrument” performances in the spectacular sonics captured by Reference Recordings' world-renowned team of engineer Keith Johnson and producer Tam Henderson.

The master tapes were recorded at 176.4 kHz, 24 bits and prepared for CD release with HDCD technology.

  1. The Duke of Marlborough Fanfare     2:26
      Schott & Co. Ltd. London

  2.-  7. Lincolnshire Posy     17:12
      Ludwig Music Publishing Co. Inc.
  2. Lisbon     1:24
  3. Horkstow Grange     3:24
  4. Rufford Park Poachers     4:36
  5. The Brisk Young Sailor     1:37
  6. Lord Melbourne     3:25
  7. The Lost Lady Found     2:44

  8. The Merry King     5:02
      Joseph Kreines

  9. * Childrens March     7:03
      Southern Music Company

10. Colonial Song     6:09
      Southern Music Company

11. Mock Morris     3:38
      Ludwig Music Publishing Co. Inc.

12. The Gum-Suckers March     3:44
      Southern Music Company

13. Molly on the Shore     4:06
      Southern Music Company

14. Spoon River     4:09
      Northern Music Company

15. * After-Word     5:16
      Bardic Edition

16. Lads of Wamphray     7:51
      Carl Fischer

17. Irish Tune from County Derry     4:45
      Southern Music Company

18. Shepherd's Hey     2:02
      Southern Music Company

      Total Time - 73:43    

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