CD 99500

A selection from
Testrecords 1, 2, & 3

This is a selection from the three previous test records, of which Test Record 1 was the first in a series based on the idea of testing a Hi Fi system's capacity for reproducing Depth of Image, while Test Record 2 dealt with the Timbre concept and Test Record 3 with what we mean by Dynamics and how it can be used in evaluating the different components of a Hi Fi system. This CD is also an interesting sampler, based on the earlier Opus 3 titles.

"The discs are exceptional. For a start, purchase Testrecord 1 (Depth of Image) cat. no. 7900; Testrecord 2 (Timbre), cat. no.8000; and Testrecord 3 (Dynamics), cat. no.9300. They will become your reference records!" (Synergetic Audio Concepts)

  1. Therese Juel from CD 7917       6'02
       Tiden bara gar (R. Rönning)

  2. Stockholm Guitar Quartet from CD7915       2'35
       "Violin Concerto" (Telemann)

  3. Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE from CD 7977       3'21
       Buddy Bolden Blues (Morion)

  4. Stockholm Guitar Quartet from CD 7810       1'25
       Invention No.14 (J.S. Bach)

  5. Gunnar Lidberg from CD 7977       3'00
       I Got Rhythm (G&I Gershwin)

  6. KNOA from CD 8078       1'41
       Unca's Flight (M. Lingedal)

  7. Peder Riis from CD 8015       2'38
       Fantasie (S.L Weiss)

  8. Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE from CD 8003       2'41
       Tain't Nobody's Bizeness If I Do (Porter-Grainger-Robbins)

  9. Saulesco String Quartet Recorded for this album       4'24
        2nd movement, Andante (J. Haydn)

10. Knud Jorgensen Jazz Trio from CD8401       5'08
        My Heart Stood Still (R. Rogers)

11. Duodecima excerpt from CD 8201       4'35
       Fantasie pour deux Guitares (F. Sor)

12. Lars Erstrand from CD 8402       3'00
       Four Brothers (J. Giutfre}

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