CD 9201

Joakim Milder

Tenor Saxophonist Joakim Milder has been dubbed the most sensational new arrival in Swedish jazz. His two previous recordings have been acclaimed by reviewers the world over, and his second release, "Still In Motion", earned him the "Golden Disc" for the best Swedish jazz release of 1990. In this third recording he presents a number and variety of settings, mostly in the quartet format. The programme includes tunes like: My Funny Valentine, Darn That Dream, Body And Soul, Alone Together and Monk's Played it Twice - to mention just a few.

Johan Hörlén; alto sax, Anders Persson; piano, Christian Spering; bass and Magnus Gran; drums.

"The Scandinavian countries have produced a wealth of superb jazzmen out of proportion to their respective populations. Milder is the most sensational newcomer on the Swedish jazz scene." (Jazz Journal International)

  1. Some Day My Prince Will Come (Frank Churchill - Larry Morey)     A       5'26
  2. Played Twice (Thelonious Monk)     D       5'24
  3. Darn That Dream (Jimmy van Heusen)     E       5'01
  4. My Funny Valentine (Richard Rogers - Lorentz Hart)     A       5'47
  5. Soon (George Gershwin)     B       6'29
  6. Canto Triste (Edu Lobo)     A       4'23
  7. I Should Care (Sammy Cahn - Axel Stordahl)     B       5'09
  8. The Masquerade Is Over (Allie Wrubel - Herbert Magidson)     D       6'00
  9. Some Other Time (Comden - Green - Bernstein)     A       4'27
10. Alone Together (Arthur Schwartz - Howard Dietz)     A       6'26
11. Body And Soul (J. Green - E. Heyman - R. Sour - F. Eyton)     F       5'37
12. Here's That Rainy Day (Jimmy van Heusen)     C       4'14

A. Joakim Milder - ten, Apders Persson - pi, Christian Spering - b. Magnus Gran - dr.

B. Johan Horlen - alt, Joakim Milder - ten, Christian Spering - b, Magnus Gran - dr.

C. Johan Horlen - alt, Joakim Milder - ten. Anders Persson - pi, Christian Spering - b, Magnus Gran - dr.

D. Joakim Milder - ten, Christian Spering - b, Magnus Gran - dr.

E. Joakim Milder - ten, Christian Spering - b.

F. Johan Horlen - alt, Joakim Milder - ten.

Special Thanks to: Conny Murback and Steve Verdle.

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