CD 8003

featuring Kenny Davern

Besides the basic BLUE FIVE group, which of course includes Bent Persson on trumpet and Bo Juhlin on sousaphone, this CD also includes the American clarinettist Kenny Davern who is featured in six tracks. Together they play their way through their own very inspired versions from the Blue Five era repertoire. This recording was awarded with the 1982 Swedish Gramophone Prize for the best jazz production of the year! Tunes like: New Orleans Stomp, Black Beauty, Rocky Mountain Blues, Too Busy, Bienville Blues, Let's Sow Wild Oat, Mood Indigo etc.

"Kenny Davern plays the clarinet in his own exciting style, as ever completely devoid of the slightest hint of cliché and the burred edge of Örnberg's fiery soprano, provides as intriguing a pattern of contrasts as ever Sopano Summit did."
(Jazz Journal International)

  1. New Orleans Stomp (L. Armstrong - Lil Hardin)       A       2'55
  2. Black Beauty (Ellington)       B       4'30
  3. Too Busy (Take one) (Miller -Cohn)       A       3'40
  4. Rocky Mountain Blues (Simmonds)       B       3'40
  5.'Tain't Nobody's Bizeness If I Do (Porter - Grainger - Robbins)       A       2'41
  6. Sweet Substitute (Morion)       C       3'40
  7. Too Busy (Take two) (Miller-Cohn)       A       2'51
  8. At The Christmas Ball (Longshaw)       D       3'40
  9. Rent Party Blues (Ellington)       C       3'48
10. Bienville Blues (Unknown)       A       3'08
11.Skid Dat-de-dat (Lil Hardin)       D       3'1
12.Let's Sow Wild Oats (Unknown)       A       1'55
13.Mood Indigo (Ellington)       B       4'18

A. Kenny Davern. cl - Tomas Örnberg. sop.sax (alto on 5) -
      Holger Gross, bj - Bo Juhlin. tba (Meilin Westen, model William Bell)

B. Bent Persson, tp & arr, - Kaj Sifvert. tb -
      Tomas Örnberg, baryton sax & cl - Ulf Lindberg, p -
      Tommy Gertoft. bj (excluded on 4) Michael Selander, g - Goran Lind, b

C. Tomas Örnberg, sop sax - Ulf Lindberg, p - Tommy Gertoft, bj - Gbran Lind, b

D. Bent. Persson, cornet - Kai. Sifvert, tb - Tomas Örnberg, sop-sax & cl - Ulf Lindberg, p -
      Tommy Gertoft, bj - Michael Selander, g

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