CD 22112
Stereo Super Audio CD

B.B. Driftwood
Southward Bound

We present the new Opus 3 album, Southward Bound, with B.B. Driftwood! Quite a different Opus 3 album in many respects!

B.B. Driftwood has been filming in Africa, he has a godfather in Cuba, he was living in London during the end of the 80s working with Dave Stewart and Olle Romö (their Swedish drummer and recording engineer) in The Eurythmics, plus toured in the Caribbean and South America!   His music could be labeled as “Blues”, but in a very broad meaning, and with “colors” of Country, Latin and Gospel.   His lyrics very often reflect his views on life and own experiences.

From a Swedish point of view, very little has to be said about the musicians playing on this album.   They are all very well known in Sweden and regarded as the very best in their different styles!   As can be seen in the CD-booklet, they are mostly different for each and every track, and to give you an example: there are four different guitar players on this album: Max Schultz, Staffan Astner, Gunnar M Lidström and Johan Lidström - all have been chosen for giving their different colors to the songs and sometimes also in combination!   Plus, of course, B.B. Driftwood himself, playing a lot of great backing guitar, both acoustic and electric.

Jan-Eric Persson - CEO Opus 3 Records

  1. Southward Bound     3'44
  2. She Shines     2'43
  3. Adrift     3'07
  4. Sweet Elizabeth     3'07
  5. A Way To Celebrate     3'16
  6. Close To The Sun     3'54
  7. Strange ..     4'01
  8. Indian Summer     3'10
  9. Love Must Prevail     3'37
10. Shady Tree     2'40
11. Old Crazy Heart     3'33
12. Aliki Moonlight     3'07

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