CD 22110

DSD SuperAudio CD

Jazz Delights Volume II

“Jazz Delights Vol.II”, an album with great jazz recordings from the early 80's until now.   In common with the previous Jazz Delights, it covers a wide variation within the different jazz genres the variation being even greater since we could include from albums recorded after the first one was released in the year 2000 - and sometimes a bit on the fringes of Jazz!

The opening track of the album was an obvious choice: Maria Winther singing the wonderful Michel Legrand song, “You must Believe in Spring” from her album “Dreamsville.”   Maria was awarded this year's Monica Zetterlund award in the 'Newcomer of the Year' category - to quote the judges. …
“With sincerity, love and skill she guides the listener towards the essence of music.”

Jan-Eric Persson - CEO Opus 3 Records

  1. You Must Believe in Spring
      From: Maria Winther, “Dreamsville”, Opus 3 SACD 22063

  2. Sweet Talkin'
      From: East, “Pathfinder”, Opus 3 SACD 22061

  3. Swing House
      From: Kjell Öhman, “The Hammond Connection”, Opus 3 CD 19402

  4. Stealin' Away
      From: Kenneth Arnström, “Rhythm King”, Opus 3 CD 19502

  5. Song of Songs
      From: Lars Erstrand, “The Complete Songs”, Opus 3 SACD 22014

  6. Falling Grace
      From: Gösta Rundqvist, “Treecircle”, Opus 3 CD 19801

  7. West End Blues
      From: Bob Barnard, “Cornet Chop Suey”, Opus 3 19503

  8. I Found a New Baby (Palmer)
      From: Eva Taylor, “Live at the Pawnshop 2”, SACD 22071

  9. Like Someone in Love
      From: Johan Dielemans, “Round Midnight”, Opus 3 CD 19302

10. Sophisticated Lady
      From: Benny Waters, “Live at the Pawnshop”, Opus 3 SACD19911

11. Here's That Rainy Day
      From: Joakim Milder, “Consensus”, Opus 3 CD 9201

12. Satin Doll
      From: Knud Jörgensen, “Teach me Tonight” Opus 3 SACD 8421

13. Moody Melody
      From: The Swedish Jazz Kings, “It's Right Here For You”, Opus 3 CD 19404
      Also available on
      “A Selection from Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE & The Swedish Jazz Kings”, Opus 3 SACD 22101

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