CD 22102

Multichannel SuperAudio CD
Sticks & Stones

The members of Sticks & Stones met at a Swedish University in 2004/2005.   As well as all coming from the north of Sweden they also shared an intense interest in acoustic music.   They had played together in a number of different bands and constellations during their university years.

Having completed their studies and moved independently to the metropolis, Stockholm, to pursue their individual careers it was a couple of years before their paths crossed again when, quite by coincidence, Rebecka Sjöberg and Jonas Lindberg met in Stockholm old town where their dreams and visions were once again renewed with even greater enthusiasm.   The music which had captured their souls was Bluegrass.

Their three friends, Emma Salmonsson, Alexander Bergström and Erik Berggren, from their university days quickly joined them, initially just to play and enjoy their music, but they had also been captured by Bluegrass and after only a few sessions with their natural feeling for the genre, a new Bluegrass band had been born .............. Sticks & Stones.

Word spreads quickly in the musical world, so that in a relatively short time they had 'gigs' in the Stockholm area and their musical excellence attracted the attention of Jan-Eric Persson at Opus 3 Records.

Rebecka Sjöberg, lead vocals
Alexander Bergström, guitar, dobro, mandolin, saiv, vocals
Erik Berggren, guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals
Emma Salmonsson, guitar, vocals
Jonas Lindberg, bass, mandolin, vocals
Special guest appearance by
Jim Van Cleve, fiddle.
  1. Sticks & stones (3.08)
  2. The lilles of the valley (3.21)
  3. Guide me (4.02)
  4. No one but myself to blame (3.49)
  5. Eldsmark (3.17)
  6. Far away (4.23)
  7. You don't have to (3.22)
  8. We burned the houses to the ground (4.39)
  9. Al Mansoury (1.39)
10. Silence (3.18)
11. People (3.51)
12. Waitmg (2.46)

Opus 3 is distrbuted in Australia by Rockian Trading
P.O. Box 44, Briar Hill, Vic, 3088, Australia
Telephone (03) 9432 4149 - Facsimile (03) 9444 6879