CD 22080
[Multichannel SACD]

“The Best of
Audiophile Classics”

Again Opus 3 is glad to release the another album from our vaults!

Due to many requests for a Classical Collection album, and also because of the "Classical Delights" album was discontinued some years ago because it was not an SACD, we have decided to produce The Best of...Audiophile Classics.

This is a different Classical Collection album with some musical spices, normally not found on these kind of albums.   The program includes “Zappa-music”, unusual Percussion music, as well as Choir, Organ and Guitar Quartet!   Together with a couple of romantic classical tracks, this album really offers a unique variation of timbres and dynamics!

Needles to say again, my re-mastering the analogue recordings to high resolution digital, i.e. SACD, was really worth it the way I can do it nowadays because the digital pro audio world has during the past decade really moved forward sonically very much!
Jan-Eric Persson - Opus 3 Records

J. S. BACH (1685-1750)
  1. Toccata & Fugue in D minor     9'07
      From: Mattias Wager, Organ

  2. Allegro from Trio in A minor Op.114     7'51
      From: Kjell Fageus, Clarinet

FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828)
  3. Andante un poco mosso, from Trio in B Flat Major, Op 99, D898     10'26
      From: Stockholm Arts Trio

  4. Largo, from Sonata in B-minor, Op.58     8'33
      From: Stefan Lindgren, Grand Piano

MAURICE RAVEL (1875-1937)
  5. Pavanne pour un infant défunte     6'05
      From: Stockholm Guitar Quartet

      Concertino for double bass and siring orchestra, Op.45 No. 11
  6. Ballad: Moderato     4'45
      From: Thorvald Fredin

FRANK ZAPPA (1940-1993)
  7. Inca Roads     7'58
      From Omnibus Wind Ensemble

  8. Larghetto, from Symphony No. 2     11'42
      From: Stockholm Sinfonietta - Okko Kamu

JOHN RUTTER (1945 - )
  9. Candlelight Carol     4'26
      From: Erik Wesberg Vocal Ensemble

10. Rauk - Part 1     6'36
      From: Global Percussion Network

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