Blues, Folk and World Music

CD 22072
[Multichannel SACD]



Peder is back again!   In his own right with his own music.   On this album Peder brings his musical mind to the front.   There are twelve soulful songs that do not need lyrics, all of them featuring Peder af Ugglas' suberb technique on the piano, on the organ, on the guitar - slide or no slide and on the pots in the kitchen accompanied by a clock!   This album will set a standard, we are sure.

Starting at an early age Peder taught himself boogie-woogie on piano later turning to classical music.   However, the call of rock and jazz became predominant with the music of Louis Armstrong, Jan Johansson and the Rolling Stones among the main sources of his inspiration.   Later the guitar became his main instrument.   Nevertheless, all types of keyboards and piano continue to play a significant role in his musical productions.

Jan-Eric Persson - Opus 3 Records

Peder af Ugglas: Electric guitars & slide, acoustic guitars & slide, balalaika, keyboards, Hammond B3 organ, Fender Rhodes, electric bass & percussion.
Björn Hamrin: Harmonica
Matts Alsberg: Upright bass
Mats Persson: Drums and percussion
Henrik Wartel: Drums and percussion
Stina Lundmark: Choir

  1. Beyond     4'49
  2. Exit     3'36
  3. Nightwaltz     5'00

Tracks 4-7 are inspired by Vilhelm Moberg's
"The Emigrants" and "The Last Letter Home"
  4. Decisions     5'09
  5. Exile     5'49
  6. Impressions     4'03
  7. Keep in Mind     4'03

  8. Jag     1'59
  9. Tide     4'27
10. Mist     4'05
11. Captain's Call     9'58
12. Fine     0'54

All songs composed and arranged by Peder af Ugglas

Opus 3 is distrbuted in Australia by Rockian Trading
P.O. Box 44, Briar Hill, Vic, 3088, Australia
Telephone (03) 9432 4149 - Facsimile (03) 9444 6879