CD 22071
[Multichannel SACD]

“Live at the Pawnshop”

The Legendary Eva Taylor
with Maggie's Blue Five

We think that magic is the word that comes to mind in connection with this recording.   It was certainly a magic night at the Pawnshop (Stampen) in March 1976 when a young lady of 81 completely captured and entranced the audience with her stage presence and vibrant personality.   Her communication with the musicians and audience combined to elevate her artistry beyond the aural level to include that indefinable ingredient…atmosphere.   This atmosphere was retrieved from our vaults from 31 years ago and, like a good wine, has aged well as lovers of jazz from the twenties will appreciate.

Eva Taylor is a direct link with the great era of jazz when she was singing with the Clarence Williams Blue Five and also with Louis Armstrong and Sidney Becher, who were coming to their peak as influential jazz geniuses in the mid-twenties.

The band which perfectly complements her artistry is Maggie's Blue Five and includes Bent Persson and Thomas Örnberg, who together later formed Thomas Örnberg's Blue Five and then The Swedish Jazz Kings.

Jan-Eric Persson - Opus 3 Records

Eva Taylor, vocals
Tomas Örnberg, soprano saxophone, clarinet
Bent Persson, trumpet
Jens “Jesse” Lindgren, trombone
Adnreas Heymowski, clarinet, bass clarinet
Hans Hultman-Boye, piano
Göran Stachewsky, banjo
Lennart Bohm, bass
Margaretha Thalén, vocals (track 10)
All orchestral and background arrangements by Bent Perrson.

  1. Everybody Loves My Baby     3.40
  2. Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate     4.53
  3. I Found A New Baby     4.45
  4. Papa De-Da-De     5.20
  5. Cake Walkin' Babies From Home     4.20
  6. Of All The Wrongs You've Done To Me     3.33
  7. Are They Pickin' On Your Baby     4.28
  8. Mandy, Make Up Your Mind     4.22
  9. High Society     3.55
10. I'm A Little Blackbird     7.22

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