CD 22060
[Multichannel SACD]

30th Anniversary Cellebration Album

• In 1977, Benny Waters "Live at the Pawnshop" was recorded before Opus 3 came into being.   This was remedied by releasing it as a CD in 1999.

• 1983 saw the release of the first Opus 3 CD, "Test Record 1, Depth of Image".   In 1996, The "20th Anniversary Celebration Disc" release was the first in Europe in HDCD format.   In 1999 the SACD format was launched, quickly morphing into the Hybrid SACD format that has become very popular with audiophiles.   This marked a new phase in the life of Opus 3, after 25 years the much-loved Telefunken tape recorder was retired and the first album in Northern Europe on SACD to be released was Eric Bibb's "Just Like Love" in the year 2000.

• 2001 saw the complete change from 2-channel analogue recording to 8-channel high-resolution digital recording with surround sound. This was marked by the release of Global Percussion Network's "Rauk".

• In 2003, Jan-Eric Persson was awarded the Swedish Golden Microphone Award as the best studio recording engineer in Sweden.

• In 2004, the change from 8 to 16 channel recording came into being.   The first album that resulted was Peder af Ugglas' "Autumn Shuffle".

• This collection is Opus 3's 26th SACD release, taken from recordings that were made 1976-2006. Opus 3 is 30!

30th Anniversary Cellebration Album
  1. Don't Ever Let nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
       from Eric Bibb "Good Stuff"
  2. Harvest Song
       from Peder af Ugglas "Autumn Shuffle"
  3. Dreamsville
       from Maria Winther "Dreamsville"
  4. Cliffhanger
       from East "Pathfinder"
  5. Crazy Rhythm
       from Kjell Öhman "The Hammond Connection"
  6. Sweet Georgie Fame
       from Lars Erstrand "Two Sides of Lars Erstrand"
  7. T'aint Nobody's Business If I Do
       from Tomas Örnbergs "Blue Five"
  8. Soflty As In The Morning Sunrise
       from Knud Jörgensen "Jazz Trio"
  9. Out of Nowhere
       from Benny Waters "Live at The Pawnshop"
10. Buddy Burtons Jazz
       from The Swedish Jazz Kings "It's Right Here For You"
11. Pathfinder
       from East "Pathfinder"
12. Sinister Footwear, 2nd Movement
       from Omnibus Wind Ensemble "Music by Frank Zappa"
13. Junco Moreno
       from Manolo Yglesias "Destino Flamenco"
14. When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul
       from Tiny Island "Tiny Island"
15. Larghetto in C minor
       from Stockholm Guitar Quartet "Bach-Telemann"
16. Soon
       from Mattias Wager and Anders Astrand "Live at Vatnajökull"
17. Jul, jul, strålande jul
       from The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble "A Star Is Shining"
18. Air
       from Mattias Wager "Organ Treausres"
19. Aurora Borealis
       from Global Percussion Network "Rauk"

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