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CD 22032

Super Audio Compact Disc

Katinka Wilson
One Life

We are glad to present our new artist, Katinka Wilson!

"New songs in a singer-songwriter tradition, recorded in an acoustic environment and with a touch of Pop music.

In this, her debut album, we are happy to have Janne Petersson from the Eric Bibb band and Tiny Island as the producer and piano, accordion & keyboard player.   On bass, percussion, guitars and saxophones, we find musicians who work with many famous Swedish Rock, Pop and Blues artists.   Katinka Wilson is not only a singer/guitar player, but also writes the music and lyrics herself in a very personal and sensual style."

This album is the first of it's kind in the Opus 3 catalogue.
- Jan-Eric Persson, Opus 3

  1. Why
  2. Did You Fly
  3. The Boat
  4. Bottomline
  5. One Life
  6. ‘Cause I Miss You
  7. Heather
  8. El Morte
  9. Sounds
10. The Puppet
11. Grey Dressed Skies
12. Razor Blade Jane

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