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CD 22013

Super Audio Compact Disc

Bob Barnard & The Swedish Jazz Kings featuring Roy Williams
A Tribute To Young Louis

We are glad to present The Swedish Jazz Kings third Opus 3 album.   This time with one of the world's foremost interpreters of Louis Armstrong's music - Australia's jazz star no. 1: the cornet player Bob Barnard. The majority of tracks feature another jazz giant: the trombone player Roy Williams from England.

Yet another tribute to Louis Armstrong as he would have celebrated his 100th anniversary last year.

Tributes will continue to be paid to Louis Armstrong regardless of when he was born. There is surely no band more qualified than The Swedish Jazz Kings to do just this, who have after all, devoted most of their musical lives to the preservation and portrayal of Louis' music!

As the title suggests, the main emphasis on this album is on Louis Armstrong's early music, the time when he was at his creative peak!

Super Audio CD/MuItichannel
This is Opus 3 's 12th SACD and 7th multichannel album and the third pure DSD recording. Just like the previous album with Lars Erstrand, the surround effect on this album, i.e. the information in the rear speakers, is meant to enhance the ambience and atmosphere of the jazz club and make the listener feel that he is "there"! Just like all other Opus 3 multichannel albums, we do not use either the centre or the subwoofer channels.
- Jan-Eric Persson, Opus 3

A Tribute To Young Louis
Bob Barnard & The Swedish Jazz Kings
featuring Roy Williams
1.   Oriental Strut (J.St. Cyr)   5'21
2.   You're Next (L. Armstrong)   5'51
3.   My Heart (L. Armstrong)   4'09
4.   Melancholy Blues (Bloom-Melrose-Schoebel)   6'05
5.   Ory's Creole Trombone (K. Ory)   4'37
6.   Georgia Bo-Bo (J. Trent-T.F. Waller)   4'50
7.   The Last Time (Ewing-Martin)   3'30
8.   Wild Man Blues (L. Armstrong-Martin)   7'05
9.   Everybody Loves My Baby (J. Palmer-Sp. Williams)   4'44
10. Two Deuces (L. Hardin)   3'43
11. Keyhole Blues (W. Wilson)   4'51
12. Sunset Cafe Stomp (L. Armstrong-P. Venable)   5'32

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