CD 22012

Super Audio Compact Disc
The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble
Across the Bridge of Hope

We are glad to release our 13th SACD and the 8th multichannel one!
The content and the mix of music on "Across the Bridge of Hope" is made in a similar way like "Musica Sacra," but a little different.   Instead of soprano sax and organ, you will find here the unique Swedish instrument: Nyckel harpa, (key fiddle) and also part of the Anders Astrand's Global Percussion Network!
- Jan-Eric Persson

The special story behind the title song: "Across the Bridge of Hope"
The song "Across the Bridge of Hope" was composed during the advent of the millennium.   The premiere performance was on the stroke of midnight between 1999 and 2000 as a worldwide "relay" where 8,000 choristers singing the song in 310 choirs in 56 countries all around the globe with the Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble giving the first and last renditions.

After "The Good Friday Agreement" on April 10th, 1998, the Irish president, Mary McAleese asked Irish school children to illustrate the theme "Building bridges" Shaun McLaughlin and his classmates chose to write a poem, which they presented to the president in June 1998.

'Orange and Green - It does not matter,
united now don't shatter our dream,
scatter the seeds of peace over our land,
so we can travel hand in hand
across the bridge of hope.'
- Shaun McLaughlin

When the tragic bombing in Omagh, on Ireland by IRA on Aug. 15, 1998 happened, a little boy, the 12 year old Shaun McLaughlin happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed together with 29 other people.   After the tragic bombing, this poem was read by President Mary McAleese on TV.   When Erik Westberg watched the news that day and heard this poem, he was very moved and contacted his friend, the professor in composition, Jan Sandstrom, who was also deeply moved.   It was then they realised that they had found what they had been looking for for the last two years.

1.   Across the Bridge of Hope   4'30
      Alexander Lintott, Treble solo

LARS NÄSBOM (b 1925)
2.   Kyrkpolska (1972)   2'40
      Torbjörn Näsbom, Key-fiddle

3.   Claviante Brilioso (1996)   8'39
      Anna-Karin Öquist, Soprano solo

4.   Touch (2001)   3'20
      Anders Åstrand, Udu drum, log drums, suspended cymbal, marimba
      Fredrik Dermer, Octabans, crotales, log drums
      Rolf I Landberg, Concert bass drum, 4 tom-toms, suspended cymbals, crotales
      John Best, Gongs, steel drums

5.   Thou who art over us (1992)   2'34

OSKAR LINDBERG (1887-1955)
6.   Pingst (1911)   1'45

JOHAN MÄRAK (b 1928)
7.   Bjeggá luohte (Introduction)   1 '05
      Johan Märak, yoik
      Anders Åstrand, cermonial drum

8.   Bieggá luohte (1998)   7'48
      Johan Märak, yoik
      Anders Åstrand, ceremonial drum

JAN FERM (b 1963)
I carry your heart (2000)
9.   Solo cadenza   3'44
      Torbjörn Näsbom, Key-fiddle
10. Ensemble   4'22
      Torbjörn Näsbom, Key-fiddle
      Anders Åstrand, Vibraphone
      John Best, Marimba
      Fredrik Dermer,Glockenspiel

11. Cherubim hymn (1998)   3'06

12. Surge Aquilo (1998)   6'20
      Anders Eriksson, Tenor solo

13. Bagatelle (2001)   2'30
      Anders Åstrand, Marimba, vibraphone

OTTO OLSSON (1879-1964)
14. Psalmus CXX   2'47
15. Canticum Simeonis   4'26
      Anders Eriksson, Baritone solo
16. Rex gloriose Martyrum   2'34

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