CD 20001

Jazz Delights

When Classical Delights was released just over a year ago, many of Opus 3's distributors suggested that they should do a Jazz Delights.   Honestly speaking that was not what Opus 3 had in mind, but after some further consideration they agreed that it was a really good idea!

Just like Classical Delights, the basic aim of Jazz Delights is not to produce another sampler.   Jazz Delights is a conceptual selection of soft jazz tracks from the Opus 3 catalog - to be enjoyed either as cosy background, or for active listening.

Jazz Delights
1.   Teach Me Tonight - Knud Jörgensen Jazz Trio

2.   Stockholm Sweetnin' - Kjell Öhman, Hammond B3-organ

3.   East Of The Sun - Lars Erstrand Quartet

4.   Treecircle - Gösta Rundqvist Trio

5.   New Orleans - Bob Barnard, cornet

6.   Christmas Song - Lars Erstrand, featuring Roy Williams, trombone

7.   Leaves - Cirrus

8.   Round Midnight - Johan Dielemans Trio

9.   Red River Blues - Swedish Jazz Kings

10. When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul - Tiny Island

11. My Funny Valentine - Joakim Milder, tenor saxophone

12. Too Good To Be True - Lars Erstrand Quintet

13. Bluer Than Blue - Kenneth Arnström, clarinet & tenor saxophone

14. Blues Amore - Benny Waters, alto & tenor saxophone

Total time: 75:50

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