CD 19824
Multichannel Super Audio CD

Tiny Island

This is a very special recording containing some very beautiful, unique and peaceful music which is quite difficult to catagorise - so let's just call it Tiny Island music for a start.

On this, their debut CD, they play instrumental music with ingredients from near and far - warm island breezes, a trace of oriental spice and captivating Nordic mood.   All the music has been composed by members of the band with the exception of one piece by Taj Mahal.

Who is Tiny Island?

Tiny Island was formed by guitarist Göran Wennerbrandt in 1989, but during their collaboration with Eric Bibb in 1993 they performed and recorded under the name of "Needed Time" with basically the same members.   During the years 1994 to 1998, either Göran Wennerbrandt or the whole band, toured regularly with Eric Bibb in both Canada and Europe.   Göran Wennerbrandt was also the executive producer of both of Eric Bibb's Opus 3 albums "Spirit and the Blues" and "Good Stuff", which brought Eric Bibb great success in most of the countries where Opus 3 is distributed.

It has been quite interesting to read all the good reviews for the two Eric Bibb CDs, where in about half of them, either the Needed Time band (read: Tiny Island) or Göran Wennerbrandt, or both, have received a very large number of positive remarks.   Some of the reviewers even suggested that Göran and the band ought to do their own CD!!

Well, here it is!!

1.   Le Valse Petit
2.   Vaquero
3.   Black Sand
4.   When I feel the sea beneath my Soul
5.   She danced with me
6.   My siren of the Woods
7.   Sacred Ground
8.   Lilla Lángdansen
9.   Paniola Dream
10. Puakea

Opus 3 is distrbuted in Australia by Rockian Trading
P.O. Box 44, Briar Hill, Vic, 3088, Australia
Telephone (03) 9432 4149 - Facsimile (03) 9444 6879