CD 19803

Lands End

One reviewer wrote a year ago, "playful new jazz with Nordic roots" - maybe this is one way of describing Cirrus' music!

This album was recorded using two acoustic guitars, tenor and soprano saxophones, didgeridoo, melodica, double bass and percussion. All the songs are their own compositions and are light and airy in timbre (perhaps like a cirrus cloud), recorded in the nice acoustics of a church.

You might also describe it as quite modern jazz music but still very melodic and very appealing to a broad spectrum of listeners.

  1. Leaves (Hans Nyman)       6'43
  2. November (Hans Nyman)       3'36
  3. Suspect Sustain (Anders Grop)       4'39
  4. Rain (Hans Nyman)       7'02
  5. 0 Ango Tango (Hans Nyman)       4'42
  6. Lands End (Peter Nilsson)       4'06
  7. But Still-Song For V (Anders Grop)       3'38
  8. 9 Circles (Peter Nilsson)       4'35
  9. Dragon Song (Peter Nilsson)       3'42
10. Untitled (Anders Grop)       5'58
11. To Monika (Peter Nilsson)       3'53

Ari Haraldsson: Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax and Didgeridoo
Hans Nyman: Acoustic Guitar and Melodica
Peter Nilsson: Acoustic Guitar
Anders Grop: Double Bass
Patrick Robertson: Percussion

Opus 3 is distrbuted in Australia by Rockian Trading
P.O. Box 44, Briar Hill, Vic, 3088, Australia
Telephone (03) 9432 4149 - Facsimile (03) 9444 6879