Choral and Organ

CD 19802

Live at Vatnajökull
Mattias Wager: Organ
Anders Åstrand: Percussion

"Live at Vatnajökull" is a kind of a musical journey, where Vatnajökull, one of the world's largest glaciers that covers a number of volcanoes, is the "highest point" - the rest is up to your imagination.......

You also find an improvisation on a beautiful Icelandic hymn and the only "ordinary" composition - Ravel's Bolero in a completely new arrangement.

In 1995, Mattias Wager, who also performed on the Musica Sacra CD, won two most prestigious international competitions: Interpretations in St. Albans, England and Improvisations in Paris, France.

Anders Åstrand has, among many other things, been an "extra musician" for over fourteen years in the world famous Swedish percussion ensemble, Kroumata, he has also played a lot of jazz and has his own free form jazz/rock fusion group "Like One".

As you can guess from the above, there are many different elelments in this music, and the variety of musical colours and sounds is much more than one would ever expect from a "duo"!

From a recording point-of-view, this CD also offers something extra special for those who are interested in real hi-fi!

  1. Introduction       2'06
  2. Fasten Seat Belts       4'20
  3. Walking       2'11
  4. Gaining Ground       3'48
  5. Soon       2'13
  6. Live At Vatnajokull       9'27
  7. Plateau       5'27
  8. Slip       1'57
  9. Bump       3'15

10. Improvisations on Icelandic hymn, no:41.
"Vist ertu Jesus, kongur klar"       7'12

MAURICE RAVEL (1875-1937)
11. Bolero       12'55
(arranged by Masahiko Satoh)

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