CD 19801

Gösta Rundqvist Trio

We are proud to present to you a very interesting piano trio recording with one of Scandinavia's best modern jazz pianists.

Gösta Rundqvist is really a master of romantic improvisation and yet at the same time he plays with a very modern and free style and with a total communication within the trio.

Gösta Rundqvist (piano), born in 1945, and Hans Anderson (double bass), born in 1963, are both experienced and well established musicians who played together with many Swedish and international artists such as:
Gösta: Bosse Broberg, Putte Wickman, Red Mitchell, Clarke Terry and Toots Thielmans.
Hans: Anders Bergcrantz, Jan Lundgren, Vincent Herring, Rich Perry and Mark Murphy

More recently they have met in varying musical configurations including Bosse Broberg's big band creation Nogenja and with Svante Thuresson. On tour with the latter was 28 year-old Fredrik Rundqvist (drums), well on the way to establishing a name in the jazz world, who became the natural choice for the trio from it's inception. In spite of long journeys, the trials of parenthood, age differences and different dialects, the trio still finds the place, time and urge to play together.

  1. For Heavens Sake (Meyer-Bretton-Edwards)       12'12
  2. Falling Grace (S. Swallow)       3'49
  3. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing (B. Strayhorn)       5'54
  4. Göstas' Waltz (G. Rundqvist)       5'57
  5. Turn Out The Stars (B. Evans)       7'02
  6. The Meaning Of The Blues (B Troup - L Worth)       8'45
  7. Hannimood (G Rundqvist)       5'56
  8. Treecircle (G. Rundqvist)       5'27
  9. Walkabout Thoughts (G Rundqvist)       7'09
10.How My Heart Sings (E Zindars) 7'22

Gösta Rundqvist, piano - Hans Andersson, double bass
Fredrik Rundqvist, drums

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