CD 19703

The Swedish Jazz Kings
featuring Kenny Davern
Come Love

This is Kenny Davern's second recording for Opus 3. The first one was recorded in 1981 with Tomas Örnberg's Blue Five (Opus 3 CD 8003) - which was the way the Swedish Jazz Kings labelled themselves back then. Now Kenny Davern is one of the most interesting clarinet players in the world. His tone is reputed to be "the biggest and fattest a jazz clarinettist ever had", and, along with his very own tone and phraseology this makes Kenny Davern totally unique. Nobody has developed and used the clarinet's dynamic potential to the same extent as Kenny Davern.

This CD consists of tracks from three sessions. Besides the regular members of The Swedish Jazz Kings, you can hear together with Kenny Davern the excellent English pianist Martin Litton. The other sessions feature the outstanding English trombone player Bob Hunt, Frans Sjöström on bass saxophone and the pianists Keith Durston and Chris Hopkins.

  1. Apex Blues (J. Noone)     A       5'06
  2. Buddy Bolden's Blues (J.R. Morton)     B       3'57
  3. Shine (Mack-Brown-Debney)     A       4'00
  4. Worn Out Blues (J. Rogalle)     G       4'18
  5. Travellin' Alone (J.C. Johnsson)     D       4'32
  6. No One Else But You (D. Redman)     C       3'52
  7. Red River Blues (C. Williams)     F       5'48
  8. Here Comes The Band (W.The Lion Smith)     E       2'24
  9. Please Don't Talk About Me (Stept-Clare)     B       4'48
10. What Makes Me Love You So (C. Williams-F Longshaw)     F       3'39
11. I Would Do Anything For You (Hill-Williams-Hopkins)     A      5'26
12. Aunt Hagar's Blues (W.C Handy)     F       4'38
13. Comes Love (Brown-Tobias)     D       5'01
14. Walk That Broad (T Delaney-W Frisino)     F       3'40

A. Kenny Davern, cl - Bent Persson, cnt & trp - Tomas Örnberg, sop & alto sax -
Martin Litton, pi - Olle Nyman, bj - Bo Juhlin, sous.

B. As A, omit Persson & Litton

C. As A, omit Örnberg

D. As A. omit Persson & Örnberg & Martin Litton pi solo
      (Sessions A to E. May 3 & 4 - 1997)

F. Bent Persson, cnt - Tomas Örnberg, cl & sop - Keith Durston, pi -
      Olle Nyman. bj & gtr - Bo Juhlin, sous & double bass (Sept. 13-1997)

G. Bent Persson, cnt - Tomas Örnberg, cl & sop - Bob Hunt, tb - Chris Hopkins, pi -
      Olle Nyman, bj - Frans Sjöström, bass sax (Sept. 28-1997)

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