CD 19502

Kenneth Arnström
featured by Tomas
BLUE FIVE and friends
Rhythm King

One of the biggest talents in Swedish jazz (until now unwilling to make solo records) finally makes a recording debut in his own name, and in many different styles. We hear Kenneth Arnström playing clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax and bass clarinet. The music played is classic (vintage) jazz, influenced for example by Coleman Hawkins, L. Armstrong, E. Condon and the classic New Orleans clarinettists - all woven into a distinctive style and personality: Kenneth Arnström's.

Tomas Örnberg; cl/sop, Bent Persson; cnt/trp, Olle Nyman, bj/gtr, Göran Eriksson; bj, Keith Durston; pi, Bo Juhlin; sous, Tomas Ekström; b.

"There is mind-blowing tenor playing in the opening number and Mezzrow-Bechet's Out of the Gallion. And the solo in Solitariness is quite comparable with the recorded achievements of the greatest tenor giants in jazz history!"
"It would be very surprising, if Kennetb Arnström's Rbytbm King did not become a Swedish jazz classic."
"I have no hesitation in recommending this Opus 3 record. In it, Arnström's genius blossoms forth to perfection. In this style, he is the unrivalled master!" (Orkesterjournalen)

  1. I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll (S. Willams - C. Williams)       5'35
  2. Stealin'Away (Christopher Greaves)       4'23
  3. Funny Feathers (Spivey - Floyd)       5'29
  4. Baby Won't You Please Come Home (C. Warfields - C. Williams)       5'25
  5. Liza (E. Condon)       5'45
  6. Solitariness (Gonsalvez)       5'32
  7. Out Of The Gallion (Bechet - Mezzrow)       4'57
  8. Forty And Tight (F. Melrose)       4'56
  9. Sobbin' Blues (Berton - Kassel)       6'53
10. Somebody Stole My Gal (Leo Wood)       4'25
11. Bluer Than Blue (Lil Hardin)       4'43
12. Rhythm King (Trent - Hoover)       5'22

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