CD 19420
Multichannel Super Audio CD

Test CD 4
Acoustic Music in Authentic Environments

TEST CD 4 is an extended version of the Test Record 4 L. P. Contents include six completely new tracks and a few replacements, and the total time is more than 76 minutes. In this the fourth test record, the three basic concepts of Depth of Image, Timbre, and Dynamics have been linked together as a basis for evaluation of Hi Fi equipment. TEST CD 4, like its predecessors, contains a generously varied selection of acoustic music from the Opus 3 catalogue, with advisers concerning special points to listen for on each track.
Again like its predecessors, the new test record makes an enjoyable music sampler, all the more so as it includes no fewer than 17 tracks from 17 different Opus 3 titles, most of them recent releases.

1.   From the Drottningholms Music (Roman)
from Omnibus Wind Ensemble

2.   Try a little Tenderness (Wood - Campbell - Conally)
from "Round Midnight"

3.   Allegretto con variazoni (Mozart)
from Kjell Fagéus and the Zetterqvist Quartet

4.   Sonate, Finale: Vivo (Hägg)
from Stefan Lindgren

5.   Circo della vita (Eje Thelin)
from Omnibus Wind Ensemble

6.   Played Twice (Monk)
from Joakim Milder "Consensus"

7.   Winin' boy blues (Morton)
from Tomas Örnberg's "BULE FIVE and friends"

8.   Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie - Pickard - Casey)
from Lars Erstrand Quartet

9.   Allegro di Molto (Mendelssohn)
from Stockholm Guitar Quartet

10. Concertino (L-E Larsson)
from "Clarinet concertos. Mozart, Larsson etc

11. Stompin' at the Savoy (Sampson - Goodman)
from "Erstrand-Lind Quartet"

12. Concertino (L-E Larsson)
from "Concertos for DOUBLE BASS and orchestra"

13. Reunion Blues (M. Jackson)
from "Two sides of Lars Erstrand"

14. The King (M. Lingedal)
from Knoa

15. Black Beauty (Ellington)
from "Thomas Örnberg's BLUE Five featuring Kenny Davern"

16. House Of The Rising Sun (arr. Peters & Bibb)
from Cyndee Peters

17. Look Over Yonder (Trad. arr. E Bibb)
from Eric Bibb

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