CD 19405

Bob Barnard, Danny Moss & Roy Williams

For this recording we asked Lars Erstrand to choose three of his favourite musicians as soloists. He chose Roy Williams, trombone, Bob Barnard, trumpet and Danny Moss, tenor sax - each of them a world star on his instrument.
Roy Williams has long been one of Britain's best known and most successful jazz musicians. Today he is one of the internationally most sought after players in Europe, not least by American bands on tour. Like Bob Barnard, he is one of the very few stars today with a real feeling for twenties, Swing and Mainstream. Because of his sound and the ease with which he commands his instrument, many consider him perhaps today's top trombonist in any category.
Danny Moss too is one of Britain's best known jazz musicians and for many years has ranked as Europe's leading Swing tenor player. With his vigorous playing and unusually big sound, he has become the heir of the classic American Swing tenor players. He lives half the year in Australia and the other half in Britain, in this way dividing his concert tours between both hemispheres.
Bob Barnard, who went professional in 1949 at the age of 16, can look back on a long and successful career. Today he is by far the biggest name in Australian jazz and the country's internationally best-known and most sought after jazz musician. Like Roy Williams, he is second to none on his instrument and in the styles he commands.
In "The Lars Erstrand Sessions" we also hear two different quartet forces with a number of musicians from Sweden's swing jazz é1ite: Jan Lundgren and Kjell Öhman, piano, Leif "Gus" Dahlberg and Ronnie Gardiner, drums, and Tommy Johnson and Arne Wilhelmsson, bass.

  1. Don't Take Your Love From Me (H.Nemo)     Session 1       5'18
  2. Afternoon In Paris (J. Lewis)     Session 1       4'00
  3. Christmas Song (M. Torme)     Session 1       7'00
  4. One Morning In May (H Carmichael)     Session 1       5'45
  5. Jubilee (H. Carmichael)     Session 2       3'06
  6. Small Pry (H. Carmichael)     Session 2       5'50
  7. Fascinating Rhythm (G Gershwih)     Session 2       4'33
  8. Struttin' With Some Barbeque (L. Armstrong - D. Raye)    Session 2       4'54
  9. Stuffy (C; Hawkins)     Session 3       6'43
10. The Talk Of The Town (J. Lewinson - M. Symes - A. Neiburg)     Session 3       6'57
11. A Tisket A Tasket (E. Fitzgerald - V. Alexander)     Session 3       5'56
12.Lester Leaps In (L. Young)     Session 3       4'58
13. Easter Parade (I. Berlin)     Session 3       6'29

Session 1. August 3 -1994. Guest: Roy Williams, trombone
      Lars Erstrand, vibraphone - Kjell Ohman, piano - Tommy Johnson, bass -
      Leif "Gus" Dahlberg, drums

Sessign 2. July 25 -1995. Guest: Bob Barnard, cornet
      Lars Erstrand, vibraphone - Jan Lundgren, piano - Arne Wilhelmsson, bass -
      Ronnie Gardiner, drums

Session 3. December 1 -1995. Guest: Danny Moss, tenor saxophone
      Lars Erstrand, vibraphone - Jan Lundgren, piano - Arne Wilhelmsson, bass -
      Ronnie Gardiner, drums

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