CD 19102

Nobody's Blues But Mine

We have built up this recording round a number and variety of guest soloists, to give a wide number of personal sounds. In addition to Bent Persson (tp), Olle Nyman (bj/gtr) and Bo Juhlin (sous), who of course all are members of the BLUE FIVE group, we find: Bob Barnard (tp), Keith Durston (p), Morten Gunnar Larsen (p), Joep Peeters (p), and Frans Sjöström (bass sax).

"This is the most consistently satisfying CD album of 1920's small band jazz by a contemporary band that this writer has heard in years. One of the obvious reasons one discovers for this album is variety, is the fact that the BLUE FIVE as heard here consists of five generally different bands. The only instrumentalist heard throughout is soprano sax, clarinetist Tomas Örnberg, who has never sounded better on recordings. This collection of performances contains a winning combination of hot group ensembles and individual solo work. All this, plus a very generous playing time and truly outstanding recording quality, makes for an album this writer recommends most highly." (Mississippi Rag)

Special guests:
Bob Barnard: Cornet - Keith Durston: Piano
Morten G. Larsen: Piano - Joep Peeters: Piano
Frans Sjostrom: Bass sax

  1. My Sweet Lovin' Man (Hardin-Melrose)    A       4'06
  2. Nobody's Blues But Mine (C. Williams)     A       4'53
  3. Papa Dip (L. Armstrong)     D       5'49
  4. Absent Minded Blues (Tom Delaney}     E       5'04
  5. Ain't Cha' Got Music (James P. Johnson)     B       5'43
  6. House Rent Blues (R. DeKoven - A. Thompson)     C       4'33
  7. Winin'Boy Blues (J.R. Morton)     F       4'28
  8. There Ain't No Sweet Man
      (Worth The Salt Of My Tears) (Fred Fisher)     E       3'21
  9. Mandy Lee Blues (Bloom - Merlrose)     A       3'51
10. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues (G. Thomas)     C       4'44
11. Flat Foot (L. Armstrong)     G       4'45
12. Workin' Man Blues (Oliver - Hardin)     D       4'26
13. St Claus Blues (C. Straight - G. Kahn)     A       4'53
14. Dropping Shucks (Lil Hardin)     G       4'27
15. Dixie Cinderella (Fats Waller)     F       5'09
16. Mister Will You Serenade?
      (C. Williams - I. Robinson - W. "The Lion" Smith)     D       4'46

The sessions - personnel

A (August 1991)
Morten Gunnar Larsen: pi. Bent Persson: trp, Tomas Örnberg: sop & cl,
Bo Juhlin: sous, Olle Nyman: bj & gtr

B (October 1991)
Ray Smith: pi, Bent Persson: trp, Tomas Örnberg: sop, Goran Lind: b,
Michael Selander: gtr

C (February 1992)
Tommy Jacobsson: trb, Bent Persson: trp, Tomas Örnberg: sop,
Ulf Lindberg: pi, MatsJungner: tub, Olle Nyman; bj

D (June 1993)
Frans Sjöström: bass sax, Keith Durston: pi. Bent Persson: trp,
Tomas Örnberg: sop & cl, Kaj Sifvert: trb, Tommy Gertoft: bj

E (June1993)
As D, but without Bent Persson

F (July 1993)
Bob Barnard: cnt, Joep Peelers: pi, Tomas Örnberg: sop & cl,
Olle Brostedt: b, Olle Nyman: bj

G (July 1993)
As F, plus Kaj Sifvert: trb

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