LP 23000
[180gram Audiophile LP]

Showcase 2013

• Showcase 2013 is a collection where we show some of the latest Opus 3 music.

During the last seven years, since the release of Opus 3 Showcase in 2005, there have been changes in music genre which we have recorded.   These include Bluegrass, Americana and music inspired by the early days of pop and rock music.   Nine of the thirteen tracks are vocals unlike earlier recordings where instrumentals were predominant, and no classical music.   (This does not mean that we will not record any classical music in the future, this will depend on what opportunities come our way!)

Five new artists are featured: Maria Winther, B.B. Driftwood, East and Dan & The Electros, plus a taste of the future Tess (Therese Mercedes Myrhed).   The 2nd track from a forthcoming album is Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE, featuring the inimitable Tomas himself, already well known from our catalogue.   (His album from 1982 (CD 8003) was awarded the best jazz album in Sweden that year!)

Opus 3's outstanding artist Eric Bibb is featured with two tracks from his latest album “Blues, Ballads & Work Songs”, an album which has received an incredible number of rave reviews!

One of the main ideas behind this album is to provide a “sales tool” for all of our latest releases where in the CD-booklet the artists are comprehensively presented together with pictures of their albums.   This album is also to illustrate that regardless of slight changes in the material recorded, one thing which remains constant is the highest possible quality of recording – something for which Opus 3 records has been renowned since its inception 36 years ago.

- Jan-Eric Persson, Opus 3

Showcase 2013
Side A.
01. Sweet Elizabeth (B.B. Driftwood)       3'07
      Vocal: B.B. Driftwood
02. No One But Myself To Blame (R. Sjöberg/A. Bergström/J. Lindberg)     3'49
      Vocal: Rebecka Sjöberg/Sticks & Stones
03. Sophisticated Shade (E. Bibb/D. Perkins)      2'33
      Vocal: Eric Bibb
04. I Can Hear It (Bert Östlund/Therese Mercedes Myrhed)      2'12
      Vocal: Therese Mercedes Myrhed
05. Grey Hound Ride (Bert Östlund)      2'42
      Dan & The Electros
06. Strange … (B.B. Driftwood)      4'01
      Vocal: B.B. Driftwood
07. Sticks & Stones (R. Sjöberg/A. Bergström/J. Lindberg)      3'08
      Vocal: Rebecka Sjöberg/Sticks & Stones
08. Come Back Baby (Trad./Arr. By Eric Bibb)      5'39
      Vocal: Eric Bibb

Side B.
09. The Milky Way (Bert Östlund)      3'38
10. We'll Be Together Again (F. Laine/C. Fisher)      5'50
      Vocal: Maria Winther
11. Blues avec un Pont (Mezz Mezzrow)      8'56
      Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE, featuring Tomas Örnberg
12. Cake Walkin' Babies From Home (C. Williams/Smith/Troy)      4'20
      Vocal: Eva Taylor (Live at the Pawnshop)
13. It's Never Too Late (Bert Östlund)      2'50
      Dan & The Electros

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