LP 20000
[Single LP 180 gram Super Vinyl]


Showcase is a test/reference LP for people interested in music and serious High Fidelity and who want to test or enjoy good Hi Fi equipment with a carefully made selection of acoustic music, World, Folk, Blues, Jazz and Classical music in a harmonic mixture - from Opus 3 releases.

Side A.

1.   I Canīt Get Started (V.Duke-J. Gershwin)
From: "Benny Waters Live at the Pawnshop"     4:57

2.   Where The Green Grass Grows (E. Bibb)
From: Eric Bibb, "Good Stuff"     4:27

3.   When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul (Taj Mahal)
From: "Tiny Island"    4:05

4.   The Talk Of The Town (Lewinson-Symes-Neiburg)
From:"Erstrand Sessions"     6:57

Side B.

1.   Treecircle (G Rundqvist)
From:Gö Rundqvist Trio, "Treecircle"     5:27

2.   Comes Love (Brown-Tobias)
From: The Swedish Jazz Kings, "Comes Love"     5:01

3.   Needed Time (Trad / adapted by Eric Bibb)
From: Eric Bibb, "Spirit & The Blues"     5:10

4. Overture the Opera Carmen (Bizet)
From: The Omnibus Wind Ensemble "Opera Pearls"     2:16

5. String Quartet no.6, 2nd movement (W. Stenhammar)
From: Zetterqvist String Quartet     2:45

Opus 3 is distrbuted in Australia by Rockian Trading
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