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Ed Bennett: (b1975)
My Broken Machines

Garth Knox, viola d’amore - Paul Roe, bass clarinet
The Fidelio Trio - Decibel - ConTempo Quartet

NMC D169

NMC D169 cover

  • Ed Bennett was born in Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

  • “Unclassifiable raw-nerve music of huge energy and imagination.” Guardian

  • “Immediately expressive.   Sound that veers between the meditative and aggressive.” Gramophone Magazine

  • “…this composer has a manic obsessive streak that is almost unsettling it is so genuine.” Classical Music Magazine

    Ed Bennett’s music, which has been described in the press as 'anarchic' (Irish Times), 'manic' (Classical Music), 'brutal' (Guardian) and 'beautiful' (Gramophone) is often characterized by its strong rhythmic energy, extreme contrasts and the combination of acoustic, electronic and multimedia elements.   In common with a number of composers of his generation, Bennett developed an interest in classical music relatively late – his earlier musical experiences were in bands and improvisation groups and these interests are still evident in his music.

    Highlights include Ghosts, for amplified viola d'amore, that explores the acoustic peculiarity of the baroque instrument: beneath its seven strings the instrument has seven sympathetic strings creating a ghost-like resonant sound around the bowed notes.   Stop-Motion Music applies to music a 'stop-start' technique Bennett admires in the work of surrealist Czech animator Jan Svankmajer and a childhood memory of an old fairground filled with laughing policemen, mechanical fortune tellers, tests of strength, ghost trains and an array of other eccentric machines’ is the inspiration for My Broken Machines.


    1. Stop-Motion Music (DECIBEL)     12.17
    2. Slow Down (FIDELIO TRIO)     11.12
    3. Cartoon Music (DECIBEL)     7.19
    4. Monster (PAUL ROE, BASS CLARINET)     10.02
    5. for JF (CONTEMPO QUARTET)     11.11
    6. My Broken Machines (DECIBEL)     9.57
    7. Ghosts (GARTH KNOX, VIOLA D’AMORE)     11.01

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