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"The Blues don't get much better than this." - Stereophile

"MacLeod is not a mere imitator of a style, but one of the vibrant voices that will keep this sound alive into the next century" - Blues Revue

AQ-1054 Cover Having now recorded four albums on the AudioQuest Music label, "the Rolls Royce of blues labels" deemed by Real Blues Magazine, Doug MacLeod has earned his outstanding reputation as a blues songwriter, guitarist and singer. His music has garnered numerous awards including three W. C. Handy awards, a Golden Note award, and two Grammy nominations. Doug's third AudioQuest release, Unmarked Road (AQ-CD1046), was deemed by Blues Revue as one of the top ten blues albums of the century.

"Cross an extraordinary acoustic blues guitarist with a savvy singer/songwriter and you've got Doug MacLeod … a talented instrumentalist and an impassioned singer, but what stands out are his well turned lyrical phrases and intriguing musical nuances." - Living Blues

Whose Trurh, Whose Lies was mastered using the new SONY Direct Stream Digital (DSD)TM System.

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AQ-CD1046   Unmarked Road
[1]   Whose Truth, Whose Lies?
[2]   Plaquemine
[3]   'Splain It To Me
[4]   Norfolk County Line
[5]   My Black Pony
[6]   Saint Louis On My Mind
[7]   Can't Give Me Nothin'
[8]   Unlonely
[9]   Rise Up
[10] Sweet Ride
[11] Goin' Down Country
[12] You Won't Find Me
[13] Time For A Change

        Total Time: 62:41

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