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"MacLeod's sincere vocal delivery, guitar accompaniment and original compositions substantially expand the blues repertoire and at times push it out of its traditional confines." - Acoustic Guitar Guide To Essential Acoustic Guitar Recordings

AQ-1046 Cover Handy Award winner, Doug MacLeod makes a breakthrough on this, his third album for AudioQuest Music release.   The songs are deeply personal, the soulful observations of a man steeped in the blues but unafraid to cross boundaries of style.

Doug is brilliantly supported by Oliver Brown on percussion, Steve Mugalian on drums, Jeff Turmes on bass, "Juke" Logan on piano and the gospal group Black Cherry.

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1.   Unmarked Road
2.   Necessary Clothes
3.   Little Songbird
4.   Home Cooking
5.   Talkin' With Strangers
6.   Roll Like A River
7.   Lost Like The Wind At Night At Night
8.   I Want You
9.   Children Like You
10. Night Run To Freedom
11. Cross-eyed In The Mind
12. Old Country Road

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