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UDCD 789 Cover
• 1984 Blockbuster Includes Four Top 20 Hit Singles: “You’re the Inspiration,” “Stay the Night,” “Hard Habit to Break,” “Along Comes A Woman”

• Mastered from the Original Master Tapes: Standard-Setting Production by David Foster Now Sounds Absolutely Incredible on Tenor Vocalist Peter Cetera’s Final Record With the Band

• A Pop Standard: Sales of 7+ Million Copies Make It Chicago’s Most Commercially Successful Album

The Chicago that created the multiplatinum blockbuster Chicago 17 isn’t the band that started out as a jazz-rock ensemble interested in complex time changes or even the progressive AM pop group that it became in the 1970s. No, this is a collective that shoots for and attains popular glory via streamlined arrangements, unforgettable refrains, dramatic balladry, and timeless melodies.Hitching its wagon to Peter Cetera’s tender tenor croon, and bringing a new sound to the fore, Chicago redefines 1980s pop on this 1984 classic—setting the stage for the power ballads and sweeping slow-dance fare that would ultimately dominate the decade.

GAIN 2 Logo TM Mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity’s numbered limited edition Gold CD reveals the genius behind David Foster’s production and warm, soulful passion of Cetera’s signature timbre.A blueprint for how stunning smooth pop-rock records should sound, this audiophile-grade reissue blooms with crisp, pristinely detailed sonic traits such as effervescent tones, gigantic walls of keyboard, and plush atmospheres. Cetera’s voice is so realistic and clear, it’s as if he’s singing to you and you only.

Whether you view Chicago 17 as a guilty pleasure or all-time classic doesn’t matter. The numbers don’t lie. And neither do the surfeit of soft-rock hooks. The mere mentions of songs like “You’re the Inspiration,” “Stay the Night,” “Hard Habit to Break,” and “Along Comes A Woman” immediately trigger a flood of memories and sweetened choruses, each hit a lesson in the art of mellow persuasion, gentle communication, and sparkling songwriting. In maintaining an intimate vibe but making the grooves come on with widescreen proportions, cozy bass lines and sympathetic drum beats are elevated to previously unforeseen levels.

  • Packed in New Numbered Limited Edition Mini LP Style Packaging!

  • 1. Stay the Night (Peter Cetera/David Foster) – 3:49
    2. We Can Stop the Hurtin' (Robert Lamm/Bill Champlin/Deborah Neal) – 4:11
    3. Hard Habit to Break (Steve Kipner/Jon Parker) – 4:44
    4. Only You (James Pankow/David Foster) – 3:53
    5. Remember the Feeling (Peter Cetera/Bill Champlin) – 4:28
    6. Along Comes a Woman (Peter Cetera/Mark Goldenberg) – 4:14
    7. You're the Inspiration (Peter Cetera/David Foster) – 3:49
    8. Please Hold On (Bill Champlin/David Foster/Lionel Richie) – 3:41
    9. Prima Donna (Peter Cetera/Mark Goldenberg) – 4:33

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