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Part of her impeccable string of mid-1970s albums that defined California's soft-rock scene, Linda Ronstadt's Grammy-winning Hasten Down the Wind is the vocalist at her best - and that's saying something.   Just consider the watertight repertoire: The Warren Zevon title track, Patsy Cline's (by way of Willie Nelson) ^#147;Crazy,” Buddy Holly's “That'll Be the Day,” Nelson's “Down So Low,”   This is a can't miss affair.

Now, due to Mobile Fidelity's trademark sonic restoration, the album finally has the exquisite sound it has always deserved.   Listeners can now literally feel Ronstadt's deep-seeded emotions.   Even better, her covers of affecting ballads intentionally revolve around vocal-heavy arrangements.   It's no wonder that the album, which topped the country charts, also yielded two Top 20 hits and resulted in the artist's first platinum-record award.
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  • Packed in New Numbered Limited Edition Mini LP Style Packaging!

  •   1. Lose Again     3:24
      2. The Tattler     3:56
      3. If He's Ever Near     3:15
      4. That'll Be The Day     2:32
      5. Lo Siento Mi Vida     3:54
      6. Hasten Down the Wind     2:40
      7. Rivers of Babylon     0:52
      8. Give One Heart     4:07
      9. Try Me Again     3:59
    10. Crazy     3:58
    11. Down So Low     4:08
    12. Someone To Lay Down Beside Me     4:28

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