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How did the Cars move beyond their smash 1978 debut and secure their status as one of music's leading bands for years to come?   Look no further than the quadruple-platinum Candy-O.   Continuing along the streamlined pop paths of its predecessor, the 1979 sophomore effort is preoccupied with desirable women that are as mysterious, sexy, and cool as the group's music – and the record's pin-up cover.

GAIN 2 Logo TM Loaded with minimalist atmospherics, pulsing bass lines, catchy refrains, and labyrinthine synthesizers, the album takes myriad stylistic detours and features one hook-laden chorus after another.   Nothing drags or feels out of place.

Mastered from the original analog tapes, Mobile Fidelity's numbered, limited-edition Gold CD brings the Cars' distinctive melodies and exotic arrangements to the forefront.   Roy Thomas Baker's vocal production finally shines, with each member's contributions rescued from a cold sonic murk that detracted from the music's impact.

  • Packed in New Numbered Limited Edition Mini LP Style Packaging!

  •   1. Let's Go
      2. Since I Held You
      3. It's All I Can Do
      4. Double Life
      5. Shoo Be Doo
      6. Candy-O
      7. Night Spots
      8. You Can't Hold on Too Long
      9. Lust for Kicks
    10. Got a Lot on My Head
    11. Dangerous Type

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