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UDCD 774

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This is the first audiophile CD version mastered in its entirety directly from the original analog masters, not copies.

After much success (and a little luck) with the Little Richard hits packages, MoFi next visited the Sony vaults to identify and audition the original masters of another rock pioneer.   This famous Roy Orbison collection had originally been compiled by Monument Records in 1972 and has stayed in print ever since.   Permission to bring the first-generation masters to California for direct transferring was eventually granted (most for the first time*).   We are very pleased to say that the resulting MoFi Gold CD now set the standard in the mastering of these historic songs.

Before being wooed away by the old MGM Records label, Orbison experienced an astonishing run for Monument, placing fifteen singles (all included here) in the Top 100 on the pop and country charts.

GAIN 2 Logo TM *Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab released Roy Orbison Sings Lonely And Blue on gold CD in 1998, utilizing the same masters that were utilized here for “Only The Lonely”, “Blue Angel” and “I'm Hurtin”.

  • Packed in New Numbered Limited Edition Mini LP Style Packaging!

  •   1. Only The Lonely
      2. Leah
      3. In Dreams
      4. Uptown
      5. It's Over
      6. Crying
      7. Dream Baby
      8. Blue Angel
      9. Working For The Man
    10. Candy Man
    11. Running Scared
    12. Falling
    13. Love Hurts
    14. Shadaroba
    15. I'm Hurtin'
    16. Mean Woman Blues
    17. Pretty Paper
    18. The Crowd
    19. Blue Bayou
    20. Oh, Pretty Woman

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