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featuring stellar musicianship that serves well crafted compositions in a variety of idioms, Fragile is YES's progressive rock masterpiece.   In fact, it is progressive rock's progressive rock masterpiece!   Fragile also drove the genre into popular mainstream consciousness and yielded the perennial FM staples “Roundabout” and “Long Distance Runaround.”

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A true classic rock landmark deserving of essential listening status, on Fragile, Yes broke the ground that many later progressive group's would build their houses upon.   The band lineup at this time (early 1972) features the definitive roster of Jon Anderson - vocals, Steve Howe - guitar, Rick Wakeman - keyboards and organ, Chris Squire - bass, and Bill Bruford - drums and percussion.   Now available from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab on Ultradisc II™ Gold CD with GAIN 2™ remastering.

1. Roundabout       8:29
2. Cans And Brahms       1:35
     (extracts from Brahms' 4th symphony in E minor third movement)
3. We Have Heaven       1:30
4. South Side Of The Sky       8:04
5. Five Per Cent For Nothing       0:35
6. Long Distance Runaround       3:33
7. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)       2:35
8. Mood For A Day       2:57
9. Heart Of The Sunrise       10:34

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