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Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's GAIN 2 remastering will crack your cranium on this metal masterpiece from Megadeth!   Applauded by critics and fans alike, Countdown to Extinction is an ultra hard rock album that truly stands the test of time.   Featuring the intense guitar fury of Metallica co founder Dave Mustaine and Shrapnel super star Marty Friedman, and coupled with the pounding thunder of bassist Dave Ellefson and drummer Nick Menza, this album cemented Megadeth's eternal standing as keepers of the faith and true Metal Gods.   Play it LOUD!!!

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ULTRADISC II™ Gold CDs from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab are a genuine phenomenon.   Sealed copies often command astronomical prices on auction sites such as E-bay and ULTRADISC II™ versions of classic albums are generally considered unrivalled as the ultimate achievement in CD sound quality.

  1. Skin O' My Teeth       (3:15)
  2. Symphony of Destruction       (4:06)
  3. Architecture of Agression       (3:39)
  4. Foreclosure of a Dream       (4:22)
  5. Sweating Bullets       (5:27)
  6. This Was My Life       (3:43)
  7. Countdown to Extinction       (4:19)
  8. High Speed Dirt       (4:21)
  9. Psychotron       (4:41)
10. Captive Honour       (4:14)
11. Ashes In Your Mouth       (6:14)

Bonus Tracks:
12. Crown of Worms (previously unreleased in U.S.)
13. Countdown To Extinction - (demo, previously unreleased)
14. Symphony of Destruction (demo, previously unreleased in the U.S.)
15. Psychotron (demo, previously unreleased)

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