John Lennon
Mind Games

UDCD 761

UDCD 761 Cover
Sometimes overlooked, John Lennon's Mind Games draws upon an immediate kinship with Plastic Ono Band and Imagine and features several of Lennon's best work including the title track, “I Know (I Know)”, “You Are Here”, and “Out Of The Blue” among others.   Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab consulted heavily with the staff at Abbey Road Studios to ensure the best GAIN (Greater Ambient Information Network) 2 remastering possible on this Ultradisc II™ Gold CD.   The result is a new sonic standard for this under-appreciated 70's rock classic.

ULTRADISC II™ Gold CDs from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab are a genuine phenomenon.   Sealed copies often command astronomical prices on auction sites such as E-bay and ULTRADISC II™ versions of classic albums are generally considered unrivaled as the ultimate achievement in CD sound quality.   MFSL's version of Imagine follows as the latest in a tradition of ultrasonic excellence appealing to music enthusiasts, collectors, and audiophiles alike.

  1. Mind Games
  2. Tight As
  3. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)
  4. One Day (At A Time)
  5. Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple)
  6. Nutopian International Anthem
      (three seconds of silence)
  7. Intuition
  8. Out The Blue
  9. Only People
10. I Know (I Know)
11. You Are Here
12. Meat City

Bonus Tracks
13. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) Home Version
14. Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple) Home Version
15. Meat City Home Version

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