John Lennon
Plastic Ono Band

UDCD 760

UDCD 760 Cover
Not content to Let It Be, John Lennon's revolutionary solo debut Plastic Ono Band was naked long before any other Beatles related repertoire.   The unmasked, raw, primordial vulnerability of classic repertoire such as “Mother,” “Working Class Hero,” “God” and “Love” unveils an emotional/spiritual turmoil of a soul painfully navigating a major life transition and shift in consciousness - in the public eye as one of the most famous and influential human beings on Earth at the time.

This landmark album finally enjoys a sonic treatment that is commensurate with the album's artistic depth via Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's GAIN 2™ (Greater Ambient Information Network) ultrasonic mastering process. Delivered to collectors, Lennon disciples and “Beatlemaniacs” alike on a premium quality 24 Karat Gold CD and packaged in a special lift lock jewel case.   This ORIGINAL MASTER RECORDING was produced by John Lennon, Yoko Ono and legendary “wall of sound” (and controversial Let It Be producer) Phil Spector.

ULTRADISC II™ Gold CDs from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab are a genuine phenomenon.   Sealed copies often command astronomical prices on auction sites such as E-bay and ULTRADISC II™ versions of classic albums are generally considered unrivaled as the ultimate achievement in CD sound quality.   MFSL's version of Imagine follows as the latest in a tradition of ultrasonic excellence appealing to music enthusiasts, collectors, and audiophiles alike.

1.   Mother
2.   Hold On
3.   I Found Out
4.   Working Class Hero
5.   Isolation
6.   Remember
7.   Love
8.   Well Well Well
9.   Look At Me
10. God
11. My Mummy's Dead
12. Power to the People
13. Do the Oz

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