Bela Fleck

Discovery Series

UDSACD 7003 Cover
Discovery Series This landmark album from 1987 placed Bela Fleck at the top of the acoustic music landscape.   The mix of jazz, Americana and popular themes on the self-penned album elevated the master of the banjo to new heights.   With the help of Tony Rice (guitar), Jerry Douglas (dobro), Mark O'Connor (fiddle), Sam Bush (Mandolin), and Mark Schatz (bass), this group of the world's finest purveyors of acoustic music produced a masterpiece.   From the opening notes, this album is overflowing with a sonic landscape of instrumental mastery.   This MFSL Discovery Series title has finally unearthed the incredible sonics achieved in the studio.   Every instrument is portrayed in its most natural setting.   This one is not to be believed!   Don't miss this release!

  1. Whitewater -- 3:07
  2. Slipstream -- 5:06
  3. Up and Around the Bend -- 3:34
  4. Natchez Trace -- 4:56
  5. See Rock City -- 4:01
  6. The Legend -- 4:16
  7. The Lights of Home -- 5:06
  8. Down In The Swamp -- 3:34
  9. Sanctuary -- 7:21
10. The Open Road -- 3:35
11. Crucial County Breakdown -- 2:57
       (bonus track, previously unreleased)
12. Shuckin' The Corn -- 4:07

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