St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
conducted by
Walter Susskind

Smetana: Má Vlast


UDSACD 4006 Cover
Conducted by Walter Susskind, rarely has a composition portrayed such beauty, adventure, peril, and glory as the St. Louis Symphony's interpretation of Bedrich Smetana's Má Vlast.   Captured on Ultradisc UHR Surround SACD with GAIN 2™ technology, every movement conjures up panoramic and vivid images of a classic hero's journey!

Recorded in the later years of Smetana's life, Ma'Vlast is a cycle of six symphonic poems.   While composing the cycle, Smetana was troubled by tinnitus and eventually shared the same bitter fate as Beethoven.   His works often reflected the lilting character of his homeland and are harmonically and structurally influenced by the music of Liszt and Berlioz.   Bedrich Smetana is generally acknowledged as the true founder of Czech music.

Bedrich Smetana

Má vlast (“My Country”, Complete Symphonic Cycle)
1] Vysehrad
2] Vitava (The Moldau)
3] Sárka
4] Z Ceskych luhuv a háju (from Bohemia's Woods and Fields)
5] Tábor
6] Blanik

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