St. Louis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leonard Slatkin
Prokofiev: Ivan The Terrible


UDSACD 4003 Cover
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has unearthed another rare jewel from the illustrious Vox catalog, and is proud to announce the release of Prokofiev's Ivan The Terrible on its heralded Ultradisc UHR™ SACD multichannel series.   Too few realize that Sergei Prokofiev was among the most important composers to ever bridge the distance between classical and film music.   This particular score from the acclaimed Eisenstein film is intense and terrifying yet hauntingly beautiful.   Whereas Prokofiev enthusiasts will find this recording essential for their comparative merits, film music enthusiasts previously acclimated solely to the composer's more popular works such as Alexander Nevsky will discover the profound power and majesty of an essential to film music's recondite origins.

1.   0verture And Chorus
2.   March of the young Ivan
      The Broad Expanse of the sea
3.   I'll Be The Tsar!
      God is Glorified
      Long Live Our Tsar
      The Sea
4.   Simpleton
      The White Swan
      The White Swan
5.   On The Bones of Our Enemies
      The Tratars
6.   The Cannoneers
      To Karzan!
7.   Ivan Pleads With the Boyars
8.   Yefrosiniya and Anistasia
      Song About the Beaver,
      Ivan and the Cofin of Anistasia
      Choir of the 0prichniks
      The Oath of the 0prichniks
9.   The Song Of Fyodor Basmanov
10. Polonaise
11. Finale

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