MFSL 1-391
180 gram Audiophile LP

MFSL 1-391 Cover Gain 2 Ultra Analog Logo A Numbered, Limited-Edition, 180-gram LP, Sourced from Original Master Tapes.

Live, Limited-Edition Set Never-Before Released on Vinyl

eleased exactly six years after the band's Pinkerton album, The Lion and the Witch was designed as a collector's item.   Limited to 25,000 copies on CD, the EP captures Weezer performances from Japan in Spring 2002.   In addition to spirited takes of six favorite tunes, the mini-album contains a number of unique characteristics long-prized by fans. And it's never been on LP. Until now.

Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed at RTI, Mobile Fidelity's 180g LP presents the music in the best fidelity it's ever enjoyed and puts music lovers feet away from Weezer's onstage position.   Moreover, the celebrated artwork — designed by Los Angeles-based duo kozyndan — can finally be appreciated in large-scale format.   In every way, this reissue brings to fans everywhere the EP's myriad simple pleasures for the very first time.   It's an ideal and integral part of the ongoing mainstream vinyl resurrection.

Originally expressly intended for indie record stores, The Lion and the Witch lasts just over 25 minutes yet makes up for brevity in terms of fun, looseness, and uniqueness.   The band plays the rare instrumental “Polynesia” before lighting into “Dope Nose” and commits a few lovable gaffes throughout.

Specifically, leader Rivers Cuomo begins the third verse of “El Scorcho” too soon and bassist Scott Shriner forgets the words to “Holiday,” causing his fellow band members to break out in laughter.   Warts and all, this hook-ridden affair is a souvenir-worthy snapshot of an excellent pop-rock band relishing in its identity as geeks and goofballs.

Don't pass up the chance to grab this piece of memorabilia.   Whether you own this on CD or were never fortunate enough to snag a copy, it's never sounded better.

1. Polynesia/Dope Nose
2. Island in the Sun
3. Falling for You

1. Death and Destruction
2. El Scorcho
3. Holiday

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