let's get it on

MFSL 1-315
180 gram Audiophile LP

MFSL 1-315 Cover Gain 2 Ultra Analog Logo Numbered Limited Edition 180-gram LP Mastered from Original Tapes!

Letís get it on…   With those four simple words, Marvin Gaye transformed soul music.   Here is the sensual touchstone for all of the erotic R&B and slow jams that followed, an album that embraces intimacy and encourages romantic affairs.   Rarely has an artist more explicitly and effectively spelled out his goals.

“I donít believe in overly moralistic philosophies.   Have your sex, it can be very exciting, if youíre lucky.   I hope the music that I present here makes you lucky.”

So wrote Gaye in the 1973 recordís liner notes.   And who are we to disagree?   True to that spirit, Mobile Fidelity has gone back to the original analog master tapes and delivered what is unquestionably the most silky, smooth, and seductive version of Letís Get It On ever made.   This is the pressing youíve been waiting for, the version that does everything for you but turn down the lights and draw the shades.   Seduction, passion, and pleasure donít get any more automatic.

1. Let's Get It On
2. Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
3. If I Should Die Tonight
4. Keep Gettin' It On
5. Come Get To This
6. Distant Lover
7. You Sure Love To Ball
8. Just To Keep You Satisfied

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