let's get it on


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“I don't believe in overly moralistic philosophies.   Have your sex, it can be exciting, if you're lucky.   I hope the music that I present here makes you lucky.”
- Marvin Gaye

Let's Get It On was released on August 28, 1973 and quickly became the biggest-selling recording of Marvin Gaye's tenure with Motown.

The album peaked at #2 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart and remained at the top of the Soul Albums chart for eleven weeks, making it the best-selling R&B album of 1973.   At that time, the single “Let's Get It On” was Motown's largest-selling recording ever, selling over three million copies within 2 years of its release.   Let's Get It On contains 3 top 100 hits, “Letís Get It On”, “Come Get To This” and “You Sure Love To Ball.”

This is be the first time this historic album is presented in the Super Audio Compact Disc format, which contains a CD layer and ultra-high resolution layer of music.   Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab transferred the original 2-track ¼" analog master tapes using the critically acclaimed GAIN 2TM System.

  • Pakaged in New Numbered Limited Edition Mini LP Style Packaging!

    1. Let's Get It On     4:52
    2. Please Don't Stay (Once You Go Away)     3:28
    3. If I Should Die Tonight     3:03
    4. Keep Gettin' It On     3:09
    5. Come Get To This     2:40
    6. Distant Lover     4:15
    7. You Sure Love To Ball     4:43
    8. Just To Keep You Satisfied     4:26

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