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To follow up the 1988 classic Surfer Rosa (UDCD2032), The Pixies brought Gil Norton (Echo & The Bunnymen, Patty Smith and, eventually, Foo Fighters) on board to produce.   The result, 1989's Doolittle (only their second full LP and major label debut) was an equally brilliant if not superior release to its predecessor.   A full-on sensory audio roller coaster, these forty minutes are both a benchmark and timeless monument, mixing surf-pop, alternative and grunge with schizophrenic pacing and lulls-to head banging jolts.   Over forty percent of this album was chosen to make up (as oxymoronic as that is) a 1997 'Best of'.   Case closed.

  • Pakaged in New Numbered Limited Edition Mini LP Style Packaging!

      1. Debaser     2:52
      2. Tame     1:55
      3. Wave Of Mutilation     2:04
      4. I Bleed     2:34
      5. Here Comes Your Man     3:21
      6. Dead     2:21
      7. Monkey Gone To Heaven     2:56
      8. Mr. Grieves     2:05
      9. Crackity Jones     1:24
    10. No. 13 Baby     3:51
    11. There Goes My Gun     1:49
    12. Hey     3:31
    13. Silver     2:25
    14. Gouge Away     2:45

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