Gerry Mulligan meets
Scott Hamilton

Soft Lights & Sweet Music

UDSACD 2017 Cover
Gerry Mulligan Baritone Saxophone
Scott Hamilton Tenor Saxophone
Mike Renzi Piano
Jay Leonhart Bass
Grady Tate Drums

Gerry Mulligan Meets Scott Hamilton - Soft Lights & Sweet Music is now exclusively available on UHR-SACD from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.   Mobile Fidelity's critically acclaimed GAIN 2 mastering brings the listener into the studio, on what was intended to be the first in a series of Gerry Mulligan Meets dates for Concord Records, reminiscent of his legendary series on Verve.   Mulligan's signature baritone blends perfectly with Hamilton's breathy tenor in duet on the Irving Berlin title tune, plus five Mulligan originals.   Essential listening.

  1. Soft Lights and Sweet Music
  2. Gone
  3. Do You Know What I See?
  4. I've Just Seen Her
  5. Noblesse
  6. Ghosts
  7. Port of Baltimore

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