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• “If rock and roll is still part of your blood and not part of your past, I can assure you this record will bring you hours of joy.”
- Danny Goldberg, Rolling Stone 1/18/73

• 4 Stars - All Music Guide

Originally released in November of 1972, the Edgar Winter Group's double platinum record They Only Come Out at Night broke new ground with Winter's legendary synthesizer sound and became one of rock's classic records of all time, containing 2 of rock'n'roll's most notable anthems, the free-spirited “Free Ride” and the ultimate jam tune “Frankenstein.”   Produced by Rick Derringer with Ronnie Montrose on guitars and engineered by Bill Szymczyk who later produced Hotel California and other Eagle hits, They Only Come Out at Night didn't gain immediate commercial success.   Winter and the band thought the song “Free Ride” was the most commercially feasible tune and after a disappointing brief appearance on the charts the band started talking about their next project.   Meanwhile, a grass roots phenomenon was spreading across the country.   Underground college FM stations all across the US discovered a b-side tune called “Frankenstein.”   Winter and his band mates basically had a great time jamming on “Frankenstein” but never considered the over 4 minute tune to be commercially viable.   “Frankenstein” was soon one of the most frequently requested songs on mainstream AM stations and astonishingly climbed to #1 on the charts! The album reached the #3 position and the re-released “Free Ride” reached #14.

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has re-mastered this timeless classic on the proprietary GAIN 2 System extracting every last musical nuance.   This limited edition ULTRADISC UHR SACD also includes an expanded booklet plus new liner notes with insights on the session and how it all went down from the master musician himself, Edgar Winter!

  1. Hangin' Around     3:03
  2. When it Comes     3:17
  3. Alta Mira     3:19
  4. Free Ride     3:09
  5. Undercover Man     3:51
  6. Round & Round     4.00
  7. Rock 'n' Roll Boogie Woogie Blues     3:27
  8. Autumn     3:01
  9. We All Had a Great Time     3:07
10. Frankenstein     4:46

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