THE B52s

MOFI 1-023
120 gram Silver Series Audiophile LP

MOFI 1-023 Cover Mastered on Mobile Fidelity's World-Renowned Mastering System and Pressed at RTI

Gain 2 Ultra Analog Logo Follow Your Bliss: 1989 Favorite Contains Radio Anthems “Roam” and “Love Shack”

Mention the phrase “Love Shack” and anyone youíre talking to will immediately know to what youíre referencing.   Few songs stick in the brain with such lasting power, fond memories, and sing-a-long potential as the B-52ís blissful 1989 smash, one of the many moments that make the bandís Cosmic Thing such a timeless affair.   The groupís melodies were never sharper, its vibes never as carefree, and attitude as joyous as on this multi-platinum affair that stayed on the charts for more than a year.

This Sliver Label LP dazzles with glorious textures, deeper low-end frequencies, more pronounced midrange information, and enhanced vocal dynamics absent from prior editions.   Especially noticeable is the additional color and sense of rhythmic involvement in the already-persuasive pop-rock tunes, guaranteed to lighten any mood and ignite any celebration.

Urging listeners to “roam around the world” on one of the two Top 5 singles here, the B-52ís follow their own instructions, constructing lively fare assembled from quirky riffs, bizarre albeit smooth harmonies, strident lead vocals, jagged tempos, and infectious choruses.   At heart, Cosmic Thing is a dance-your-ass-off soiree.   Leader Fred Schneider delights in kitsch, his deliveries combining goofy pronouncements and half-rapped words that speak the co-ed ensembleís long tradition of originality, flair, campiness, and irreverence.

Better still is the bandís embrace of a shinier, funkier sound established by producers Don Was and Nile Rodgers.   The production, exponentially improved on this reissue, complements the upbeat energy, well-crafted songwriting, and emotional exuberance demonstrated on everything ranging from the kick-starting “Bushfire” to rambunctious “Junebug” to wild, weird, and wonderful “Love Shack.”   Just try not to smile after spinning this LP.   Itís impossible.

Side 1.
1. Cosmic Thing
2. Dry Country
3. Deadbeat Club
4. Love Shack
5. Junebug
Side 2.
1. Roam
2. Bushfire
3. Channel Z
4. Topaz
5. Follow Your Bliss

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