A joy from start to finish and a near perfect example of all that's attractive about traditional - and traditional sounding - Scottish music. - THE LIVING TRADITION
AKD 145 CoverAKD 145 : NOTES FROM A HEBRIDEAN ISLAND [HDCD] with Iain MacInnes pipes Ian Lowthian accordion

AKD 307 CoverAKD 307 : ELEVATE [SACD/HDCD] with Colum Malcolm, Brian Ó hEadhra, Stuart McCredie, Quee McArthur, Dave Stewart, Mairi Campbell, Matt Backer & Julien Argüelles

An aural palate you would associate with a Van Gogh. - FYFE ON FOLK
CKD 106 CoverAKD 106 : GUITARRA CELTICA [CD] with Declan Masterson uilleann pipes Stuart Pearce keyboards

The Complete Songs of Robert Burns
Poured forth in melody as clear and true as a Highland stream. - THE DAILY MAIL
In addition to the limited edition boxed set, volumes are also available individually.
CKD 047 : VOLUME 1
performances from Janet Russell, Tony Cuffe, Christine Kydd & Alan Reid
includes Ay, Waulkin, O | Sweet Afton | Kellyburn Braes | The Winter It Is Past
CKD 051 : VOLUME 2
performances from Ian Bruce, Gordeanna McCulloch, Billy Ross & Ian F Benzie
includes Now Westlin Winds And Slaught'ring Guns | Scots Wha Hae | Ye Jacobites By Name | Kissin' My Katie
CKD 062 : VOLUME 3
performances from Wendy Weatherby, Mick West, Leslie Hale & Ronnie Browne
includes Ca' The Yowes | Ye Banks & Braes O' Bonnie Doon | Comin Thro' The Rye | Auld Lang Syne
CKD 083 : VOLUME 4
performances from Davy Steele, Jamie McMenemy, Corrina Hewat & James Malcolm
includes O My Luve's Like A Red, Red Rose | Sir John Cope | O, Luve Will Venture | O May, Thy Morn
CKD 086 : VOLUME 5
performances from Elspeth Cowie, John Morran, Davy Steele & Ian F Benzie
includes A Man's A Man For A' That | The Lovely Lass Of Inverness | Braw, Braw Lads On Yarrow Braes | Glencoe | Sweetest May
CKD 099 : VOLUME 6
performances from Alistair Hulett, Gillian Macdonald, Mae McKenna & Ed Miller
includes Awa, Whigs, Awa! | Turn Again, Thou Fair Eliza | Peg Nicholson | O, Meikle Thinks My Love
CKD 107 : VOLUME 7
performances from Aimee Leonard, Bobby Eaglesham, George Duff & Karine Polwart
includes Charlie, He's My Darling | The Heather Was Blooming | Long, Long The Night | Raving Winds
CKD 143 : VOLUME 8
performances from Ian Anderson, Ross Kennedy, George Duff & Mairi Campbell
includes Galloway Tam | The Auld Man's Winter Thought | Green Grow The Rashes, O | Mary Queen Of Scots Lament
CKD 156 : VOLUME 9
performances from Niall Kenny, Kirsten Easdale, Jim Reid & Ross Kennedy
includes My Heart's In The Highlands | The Smiling Spring | Where Braving Angry Winter's Storms | The Noble Maxwells
CKD 199 : VOLUME 10
performances from Lionel McClelland, John Nichol, Gillian Frame & Mairi Campbell
includes Adown Winding Nith | Yon Wild Mossy Mountains | O Saw Ye My Dearie? | Macpherson's Farewell | Where Are The Joys?
CKD 200 : VOLUME 11 (2 CD Set)
performances from Tich Frier, John Croall, Findlay Napier & Wendy Weatherby
includes My Love She's But A Lassie Yet | By Allan Stream | There Was Twa Wives | O For My Ain King
CKD 201 : VOLUME 12
with performances from Dr Fred Freeman, Steve Byrne, Rod Patterson & Christine Kydd
includes A Highland Lad My Love Was Born | See The Smoking Bowl | My Bonnie Lass | It's Up Wi The Souters O Selkirk

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