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Gilbert & Sullivan
HMS Pinafore

Scottish Opera
Richard Egarr

2 x CDs

‘The star of any production of Pinafore is Sir Joseph Porter, KCB, and John Mark Ainsley did not disappoint.   He was deliciously pompous and selfsatisfied, with occasional slight (and anachronistic) Churchillian overtones in his delivery.’   The Opera Critic

‘Wittily narrated by Tim Brooke Taylor, this hilarious piece was sung and acted wonderfully; although frothily accessible, the music is operatic in style and ambition.   Conductor Richard Egarr created much more than a concert performance here.’   Three Weeks

• This live recording of an acclaimed one-off, sold-out performance at the 2015 Edinburgh International Festival captures the wit and fun of Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore.

• Heading up a cast that reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the opera world is John Mark Ainsley, Elizabeth Watts and Toby Spence.

• Completing the star-studded line up is comedian Tim Brooke-Taylor (The Goodies, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue) as the narrator.

• Conductor Richard Egarr (AAM, SCO) applies his extensive knowledge of period performance practice to recreate the sound and style typical of the late 19th century, a first for a G&S recording.

• HMS Pinafore is rich in comic burlesque, sending up theatrical and operatic conventions and parodying the Italian opera of the day.

• The tongue-in-cheek writing is apparent from the opening chorus and the music is equally rich in comic pastiche and styles; ‘For he is an Englishman’ is one of the greatest master-strokes.

• Climb aboard the HMS Pinafore for a hugely fun seafaring romp!

John Mark Ainsley - The Rt Hon. Sir Joseph Porter KCB
Andrew Foster-Williams - Captain Corcoran
Toby Spence - Ralph Rackstraw
Neal Davies - Dick Deadeye
Gavan Ring - Bill Bobstay
Elizabeth Watts - Josephine
Tim Brooke-Taylor - Narrator
Barnaby Rea - Bob Becket
Kitty Whately - Hebe
Hilary Summers - Little Buttercup
Gilbert & Sullivan: HMS Pinafore
Disc 1: Act I
  1. Overture
  2. We sail the ocean blue
  3. Hail, men-o’-war’s men
  4. But, tell me
  5. The Nightingale sighed
  6. My gallant crew, good morning
  7. Sir, you are sad!
  8. Sorry her lot
  9. Over the bright blue sea
10. We sail the ocean blue
11. I am the monarch of the sea
12. When I was a lad
13. For I hold that on the seas
14. A British tar
15. Refrain, audacious tar
16. Can I survive this overbearing

Disc 2: Act II
  1. Entr’acte
  2. Fair moon, to thee I sing
  3. Things are seldom what they seem
  4. The hours creep on apace
  5. Never mind the why and wherefore
  6. Kind Captain
  7. Carefully on tiptoe stealing
  8. Pretty daughter of mine
  9. Farewell, my own
10. A many years ago
11. Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen

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